#70 Morning Person

On todays show, we discover the things you never ask an angry woman, also Jason reveals that apparently drinking alcohol makes you more creative. Mindy shares the most useful phone apps you never knew you needed and wrapping up the show, we talk about …

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#69 Ghosting

On todays show, Jason explains why Stephanie from The Difference Between Us Podcast was right about showering too much. Also baby wipes may contribute to food allergies, George Michael’s boyfriend, Carrie Underwood and Ed Sheerin are featured on music news, and Jason has a list of traits of super productive people. Finally Mindy opens a discussion about a man that sent a $40 bill to a date that ghosted him. 

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Albino Crooked Backs

Seems like we cant go through an episode without chatting about racism in todays society.  This week we talk about someone in the UK who was charged with being offensive for posting rap music lyrics on her social media – this leads us down a rabbit hol…

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HGP#200 I Will Understand

This week Jesus, and Ryan get together with Jonathan Hall, Clint Thiele and The News Machine Andrew Dzek  and talk about God Of War, Far Cry 5, HellBlade, Sea Of Thieves, A Hat In Time, Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as the news of the week and Community Questions.


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#130- Paula Allen (Tell Me Stories)

Paula Allen from the Tell Me Stories podcast joins me today for a fun hangout! 

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