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Episode 018- Calling All BadCops!

Episode 018: Calling All BadCops!


Welcome to episode 18 of the Ped and Mellor Show! This week you are in for a treat as we called our podcast friends Jerry and Dave from The Badcop badcop podcast, entertaining and funny is always a gurantee with those two.

We also have plenty of the usual rants and bants you are used to.


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Fist Punch, Fruit Rings & Fetishes

  • Roxy Raye
  • Fist Punch with Ham and Pickle
  • We are done with the gay jokes
  • Rectum, damn near killed him
  • Fruit rings gave Doug PTSD
  • Roxy Raye has our seal of approval
  • Twittering with the stars
  • Got a question for Roxy? Call the voicemail 508-9RIGHT9
  • Jasmine Cain let us down
  • Bad Mary is worth checking out (and they keep their word)
  • Wet and Messy fetish explained
  • VORE fetish explained
  • Roxy’s corner?
  • Missed Connections
  • Conspiring to Argue/Who’s Right Collaboration?
  • Lesbians are cool

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Episode 017- Viva Radio Vegas

Episode: 017 Viva Radio Vegas


Ped and Mellor are back with the 17th edition of the show and have found themselves a new home on Radio Vegas Rocks Network! (can be found on the tune in app)

This week the guys cover all the usual comedy picks you are familiar with blah blah blah…..does anyone read these show descriptions?? Probably not, but just incase someone does then you can find some more awesome shows on the following networks:

Fat Lulz Radio

Radio Vegas Rocks

And until next week…when we can do it all again!

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Poop Torpedoes and Football Butt

  • Minus Six – Grass Fed
  • More Cowbell
  • Top Gun 2 – Electric Boogaloo?
  • Pussy farts and exploding lasers
  • Bill Mahar – the word which we do not speak
  • Evergreen State College – A day without white people
  • Dildo of the month club – we need you as a sponsor
  • Missed connections
  • We explore Roxy Raye and her beautiful butthole
  • Virgin Sleep Wear
  • Doug works with the public for the first time in 20 years
  • The public is a bunch of fucking prick bastards
  • Voicemail – human interaction vs animal interaction
  • Racist horses and Butt snakes
  • Jake Jim James John from Brand X podcast leaves a voicemail
  • Brand X Clip – They think Doug is special needs
  • Burch voicemail




Who’s Right Website


Our Patreon


Minus Six Contact


Brand X podcast website

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TIC – #282 My Fitness Pail

[ad_1] CLICK LISTEN HERE Line Up for Podcast #282 Question of the Podcast Listener Responses Entertainment News with Mindy Buzzwords I’ll just have a salad Six words that ruin a sentence Music News 10 smart tips to loose weight fast Sensational Signage/ Deep Thoughts Quote of the Podcast Bob and Jason’s Show prep by We are part of the Hush Your Face Podcast Network: [ad_2] LISTEN...

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