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Fist Punch, Fruit Rings & Fetishes

  • Roxy Raye
  • Fist Punch with Ham and Pickle
  • We are done with the gay jokes
  • Rectum, damn near killed him
  • Fruit rings gave Doug PTSD
  • Roxy Raye has our seal of approval
  • Twittering with the stars
  • Got a question for Roxy? Call the voicemail 508-9RIGHT9
  • Jasmine Cain let us down
  • Bad Mary is worth checking out (and they keep their word)
  • Wet and Messy fetish explained
  • VORE fetish explained
  • Roxy’s corner?
  • Missed Connections
  • Conspiring to Argue/Who’s Right Collaboration?
  • Lesbians are cool

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Poop Torpedoes and Football Butt

  • Minus Six – Grass Fed
  • More Cowbell
  • Top Gun 2 – Electric Boogaloo?
  • Pussy farts and exploding lasers
  • Bill Mahar – the word which we do not speak
  • Evergreen State College – A day without white people
  • Dildo of the month club – we need you as a sponsor
  • Missed connections
  • We explore Roxy Raye and her beautiful butthole
  • Virgin Sleep Wear
  • Doug works with the public for the first time in 20 years
  • The public is a bunch of fucking prick bastards
  • Voicemail – human interaction vs animal interaction
  • Racist horses and Butt snakes
  • Jake Jim James John from Brand X podcast leaves a voicemail
  • Brand X Clip – They think Doug is special needs
  • Burch voicemail




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Minus Six Contact


Brand X podcast website

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Semen Turns me on #NoHomo

Semen turns me on #NoHomo


  • Peter Noreika – Win or Lose
  • It’s the Peter Noreika show
  • Fuck any podcast who goes out of their way to attack lesser known podcasts.
  • Now its called “Too shy to swallow with Ham and Pickle & we are conspiring to argue.
  • Doug practiced getting waterboarded
  • Are waterbeds considered a white trash necessity?
  • Article about a lynching that took place on the University of Maryland Campus
  • The attack at the Ariana Grande Concert
    • @wingsscotland
  • Twitter/Trump is comedy gold
  • When is too soon to make light of a catastrophe
  • Gokkun – its what’s for dinner
  • Missed connections from Craigslist
  • Anthony is a porn professional
  • Getting busted looking at cock picks
  • Conspiring to argue
  • Fuck Joe Rogan & Fuck Kevin Smith
    • Because they are both funnier and smarter than us
  • If we make one person laugh, we have succeeded.
  • Peter Noreika – Win or Lose



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Peter Noreika contact:

Twitter: @PeterNoreika 


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#123 Tricia Martin, Matt Mellor, Preston Gunderson, Sweetly Sensual Sara & Peter Roumeliotis

“Bad Baby Get Spanked” In this extra show, we opened with “Osama Bin Found” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about “Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter”, and “enjoyed” some more Legendary Crash. Intern Amanda was back and Slambo was absent. The Driz and Frankie Tubesteaks performed their cover of “Fuckin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. We interviewed Horror Artist Tricia Martin, Podcaster Matt Mellor, performed the new “Too Many Rapes, talked to Comedian Preston Gunderson, Sweetly Sensual Sara from The “Must Love Fetish” Podcast, and Publicist Peter Roumeliotis from The “Popternative” Podcast. It was a great...

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