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#123 Tricia Martin, Matt Mellor, Preston Gunderson, Sweetly Sensual Sara & Peter Roumeliotis

“Bad Baby Get Spanked” In this extra show, we opened with “Osama Bin Found” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about “Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter”, and “enjoyed” some more Legendary Crash. Intern Amanda was back and Slambo was absent. The Driz and Frankie Tubesteaks performed their cover of “Fuckin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. We interviewed Horror Artist Tricia Martin, Podcaster Matt Mellor, performed the new “Too Many Rapes, talked to Comedian Preston Gunderson, Sweetly Sensual Sara from The “Must Love Fetish” Podcast, and Publicist Peter Roumeliotis from The “Popternative” Podcast. It was a great...

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#122 Arvin Vohra, L. Roy Aiken, Neil W. McCabe, Interdimensional RSS, Sadie Katz, & Theme Park Duo

Intern for a day a.k.a. Fwapfwapfwapfwapfwap ZIP! We opened with “Therapy” off Sauce aka Matisse’s new album “This Prison, This Reality” available on iTunes, Spotify, & other places. We welcomed Amanda the winner of our “Intern For A Day Contest” to the show, did a new episode of “Too Many Rapes”, DRIZZLENEWS, and more. Slambo sang “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne ft. Quavo. We interviewed Arvin Vohra of the Libertarian Party, Author L. Roy Aiken, Political Reporter Neil W. McCabe, Brandon and Travis from the Rick And Morty Podcast “Interdimensional RSS”, Actress Sadie Katz, and Gabe from The “Theme Park Duo” Podcast. It was a great...

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#121 Ice And The Face LIVE, Ken Carlson, John Gilligan, The Omega, Ryan Dunigan, & Random Insanity

“Three Yards Late” We started the show with “Brony Style” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about Tom And Steve still sucking, and a shitty car dealership. We checked out trailers from Mike Tyson’s Mysteries and Neon Joe: Warewolf hunter, talked about the new Kindred Comecomings available on , did some #DRIZZLENEWS, and Slim did a brand new “Slimspiracies” about Avril Lavigne. We were Joined by Rick and Sarah from Ice And The Face, talked to Ken Carlson about his new project Penny Palabras, hilarious Comedian John Gilligan, O’Mally and O’Brien from the Pro Wrestling Tag Team The Omega, Podcaster and Animator Ryan Dunigan from The Old Man Orange Podcast, and Nicole and Jennifer from The Random Insanity Podcast. We learned that “Three Yards Late” converts to about 3 hours late and “too stoned to read Too Many Rapes” It was a great...

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#89|| Kate Marie Davies (Actress-Escape from Cannibal Farm) Alison Harris (Actress-Arthur & Merlin)

This week I chat with two awesome actresses from the UK. Alison Harris (Arthur & Merlin) Kate Davies (Escape from Cannibal Farm, Horizon Web Series) We talk acting, hugging random strangers, video games, VR experiences, Tomb raider, anxiety and we geek’d out and made some random weird popping noises and monkey imitations. ENJOY Find Kate Davies on Twitter: @RealKateDavies Instagram: Find Alison Harris on Twitter: @AlisonHarrisUK Instagram: >>>> “Horribly Awkward” Outro music by: Liza and Sam of Slammerkin <<<<>>>Find Slammerkin on Twitter: @slammerkingdom **<<< >>>Facebook : <<<>>>Sound cloud: <<<*Horribly Awkward is now a part of the HUSH YOUR FACE ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK**Which can be found here.. .*along with my brother podcasts: Three is Comedy, Horrible Gamers, The Tavern Podcast, Brand X Podcast, Nerdowells and Hush Your Face+follow their twitter accounts as well @hush_face | @_horriblegamers | @TheTavernPod | @threeiscomedy @Brandxpodcast**SEND ME YOUR VOICEMAILS**(510)600-3475*Find me on my personal Twitter @theycallmeiams **Find Horribly Awkward on Twitter @Awkward_Podcast**Instagram: @horriblyawkwardpodcast**send me a email –*Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes and everywhere else podcasts are found*Thanks for downloading and listening, any feedback is greatly appreciated! **Please rate the podcast on iTunes, give a thumbs up on Stitcher*Comedy, Funny, Improv, Jokes, movies, games, gaming, videogames, podcast, actor, actress, weekly, anxiety, laugh, guest, walking dead, start wars, Xbox, playstation, ps4, indie, production, artfriends, life, hollywood, bad,...

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