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#122 Arvin Vohra, L. Roy Aiken, Neil W. McCabe, Interdimensional RSS, Sadie Katz, & Theme Park Duo

Intern for a day a.k.a. Fwapfwapfwapfwapfwap ZIP! We opened with “Therapy” off Sauce aka Matisse’s new album “This Prison, This Reality” available on iTunes, Spotify, & other places. We welcomed Amanda the winner of our “Intern For A Day Contest” to the show, did a new episode of “Too Many Rapes”, DRIZZLENEWS, and more. Slambo sang “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne ft. Quavo. We interviewed Arvin Vohra of the Libertarian Party, Author L. Roy Aiken, Political Reporter Neil W. McCabe, Brandon and Travis from the Rick And Morty Podcast “Interdimensional RSS”, Actress Sadie Katz, and Gabe from The “Theme Park Duo” Podcast. It was a great...

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Too shy to swallow

Too shy to swallow


  • Peter Noreika – Rocket ship
  • Is Anthony Ham or Pickle?
  • Microphones, how do they work?
  • Anthony uses Twitter like old people fuck.
  • Doug gets mad at Anthony for his Twitter abuse.
  • Who’s Right almost imploded.
    • (508) 9RIGHT9
    • (508) 974-4489
  • Call us and ask some questions.
  • Craigslist Missed Connections
  • Vac Bed fetish
  • Anthony’s link of the week is going to be a thing.
  • Anybody got a vac bed Anthony can borrow?
  • Baby Jessica fell into a well in Texas
  • Caitlyn Jenner was a victim of a “hate crime”
  • Titus blew us off
  • Brand X podcast are a good group of guys
  • Peter Noreika, please write us a theme song
  • It’s the Ray Ramano show
  • Don’t forget, we are not begging on our Patreon Page
  • Peter Norieka – Rocket ship



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#121 Ice And The Face LIVE, Ken Carlson, John Gilligan, The Omega, Ryan Dunigan, & Random Insanity

“Three Yards Late” We started the show with “Brony Style” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about Tom And Steve still sucking, and a shitty car dealership. We checked out trailers from Mike Tyson’s Mysteries and Neon Joe: Warewolf hunter, talked about the new Kindred Comecomings available on , did some #DRIZZLENEWS, and Slim did a brand new “Slimspiracies” about Avril Lavigne. We were Joined by Rick and Sarah from Ice And The Face, talked to Ken Carlson about his new project Penny Palabras, hilarious Comedian John Gilligan, O’Mally and O’Brien from the Pro Wrestling Tag Team The Omega, Podcaster and Animator Ryan Dunigan from The Old Man Orange Podcast, and Nicole and Jennifer from The Random Insanity Podcast. We learned that “Three Yards Late” converts to about 3 hours late and “too stoned to read Too Many Rapes” It was a great...

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#120 #BusPills: Jordan J. Garber, Mandy Magnan, Ashton Womack, Mo Moshaty, & Kevin Gootee

We opened the show with “Isis Isis Baby” by Rucka Rucka Ali, went over some new #TomAndSteveSuck news where we played a clip from The Brand X Podcast, went over some new 5 star iTunes reviews, talked about Bus Pills, and did some #DRIZZLENEWS. When Slambo didn’t show, The Driz and Frankie Tubesteaks performed iSpy by Kyle and ‘Lil Yachty, then Slambo showed up and he showed us how it’s done. We interviewed Pro Wrestling Journalist Jordan J. Garber, Actress Mandy Magnan, Comedian Ashton Womack, Singer and Podcaster Mo Moshaty, and our good friend and Comedian Kevin Gootee from...

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