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Let’s Get Ese Joker Drunk Again!

We have guests this week in The Tavern!!! Ese Joker and his brother in law Junior dropped by to hang out with the fellas, have a few drinks and crank up the laughs. We talk football, wrestling, music, tacos and share drunken stories. Rokk introduces a new segment to the show, “Drunken Trivia’, where after everyone is good and buzzed Rokk seperates Junior and Joker into a team and BB and King into a team and asks questions the guys normally wouldn’t know the answer to anyway. WTF’s topic is game franchises that you would want to see remade or resurrected. To close the show for Last Call BB brings a festive Christmas song, “Merry Christmas From The Family”! Pour a drink, Getcha...

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#99 King Who, Angry Old Man Podcast, Micah Hurt, Dan Beckmann, Ryan Bourassa, & Nate-O-Potatoe

“Tiny Wigs” We opened the show with “Netflix & Chill” by Sauce is Matisse. We talked about our old intern Cockmaster Mike, our interview with King Who, AWful Truffles, and a crack house Christmas miracle. Slambo sang 24K Magic by Bruno Mars, and we talked about Superfly Jimmy Snuka’s cancer. We interviewed King Who for a second time and still don’t know what the fuck he said, Mr. X from the Angry Old Man Podcast, Comedian Micah Hurt, Broadway Actor Dan Beckman, Comedian Ryan Bourassa, and funny man...

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Rummed Up Rokk Hurts Feelings

Geez Rokk, tell us how you really feel! Rokk gets Rummed up off the Rum Buckets BB made this week for the show and goes off on BB and King’s favorite artists Aaron Lewis and Corey Taylor! Also This week the fellas talk about the new Metallica album, whatgot them into metal music, who their favorites bands were and still are. For the WTF segment the guys talk about the top 5 bands they listened to religiously in the past but outgrew as they got older, (Spoiler: King’s number one pick was The Wiggles from Disney channel)! The guys talk about Where their teams stand in the NFL right now, BB defends Tennessee and King gets in a Bad mood when BB doesn’t finish Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and switches over to the song he recently wrote “Coming From a Long Line of Outlaws” for Last Call! Pour ya something strong,...

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#98 Poosterbating with Ed White, King Who, S. Anthony Thomas, Ronald Augustine, & Preston Gunderson

We opened the show with “Just One Bad Day” by Sauce is Matisse from his album “Whatever” available on We talked about a sweet drug bust Rob saw, being the Podcast Of The Month on The Mike Jolitz Show, spreading the word of Frisky Hobo Jesus, and more. Slamborghini sang “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet in his newest installment of “Slambo Sings The Hits”, and Slim faced off against Slambo in Energy Drink Slam Time. We also tried to get an interview with Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys. We interviewed Ed White, Local Musician King Who squared off against Lazy G in a rap battle, Slamborghini’s Father, Comedian and Podcaster S. Anthony Thomas, Author Ronald Augustine, and Comedian Preston Gunderson. It was a great...

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Care for Some JNCO Salad??

  Welcome to the Tavern! Today we have Swamp Water as the drink of the night while the guys reminisce of their first jobs. BB and King take us through their time working at wal mart and Rokk tells us about one of the first times he got drunk and invented JNCO salad. Trust and believe it sounds delicious. The guys make fun of thanksgiving past and family get togethers in “WTF” with the topic being things you hate about the holidays  BB brings the music for last call with his cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”! Pour a strong one, kick back and enjoy the “WHOLE F’N Show”!!! You can tell that BB writes the episode description….. Yes I just referred to myself in the third person….. Just grab a drink and enjoy the...

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