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BB Gets a New Job!

it’s a celebration in The Tavern as BB got a new job! This week the guys talk about ways they have quit jobs and the repercussions that can occur when quitting a job in style. Ese Joker stops by and he and the guys give their thoughts on Wrestlmania 33. Trivia becomes a free for all since it isn’t 1 vs 1 this week and for Last Call BB does his original song “Whiskey and Regrets”! The guys are sippin’ on Agent Orange tonight, A mixed drink with one part Jack, one part southern comfort and 4 parts orange juice, well if you’re anyone besides BB, he does his 2 parts jack, 2 parts soco and 4 parts orange juice, but hey, he was celebrating this week! grab a cold one and let’s start this show!!! Welcome to The...

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#114 Pants Off Dance Off: Jesse Huber, Blended Family Podcast, Preston Gunderson, & Adam Weidman

“Hot Dog Sandwich aka Pants Off Dance Off” We opened the show with “Hero’s And Trolls” by Rucka Rucka Ali, were joined by Rob’s friend Mike who came to hang out for the show and judge our Pants Off Dance Off, tried locating Slamborghini, and played some amazing voicemails from people with what they think Slambo masturbates to. Slambo finally showed up fashionably late and most likely pregnant. He performed Fifth Harmony – Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign for “Slambo Sings The Hits” and we did “Too Many Rapes” episode 2. We did a few news stories,...

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#113 Craig Loydgren, Ray from The Naked Porch, Ron & Cheese, James D. Creviston, & Eric Grady

We opened the show with “Ima Korean” by Rucka Rucka Ali, Rob laid down the rules for next week’s Pants Off Dance Off, Rob talked more about his sons flight theory, and read some iTunes reviews and YouTube comments. Slambo read the ad where you can save 10% off every order by entering promo code: ROBANSLIMSHOW at checkout, covered “At My Best” by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Hailee Steinfeld, and we performed the first episode of “Too Many Rapes”. We went over some news stories, then interviewed our good friend and Comedian Craig Loydgren, Ray from The Naked...

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Does It Give You The Desire? Episode 5

Eric finally watched The Room and he’s not happy about that, Chris admits he was in denial about No Man’s Sky, we talk about our early gaming history, and Chris goes into detail about why (and imo let you finish but) the Gamecube controller is the greatest controller of all...

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Saint Patty’s Day and The King of Trivia

The guys were on fire tonight or just on something but either way this is a funny episode. Tangents abound, any word said that reminds the guys of a song causes them to break out in that song. King and BB admit to how petty they are and the three discuss how they would talk smack about each other should the podcast ever end. King proves that he is the King of trivia by how hard he prepares his questions and comes with a legal pad full of notes and a saint patricks day quasi green themed round of trivia. BB does a cover of Stone Sour’s ZZYZX Rd and Rocky does his own last call and plays a song that he wrote during his days in MindJakked!  We’re sipping on a drink called Lucky Charms during this episode so grab you your drink a choice, kick back and laugh with us here in The...

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