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#89 Chris Butler, Jacob Cantu, Russell McLain, James D Creviston, Chris Young, & Epic Film Guys

We opened this show with Rucka Rucka Ali’s “Stressed Out” parody “My Name’s Donnie Trump”. Rob gave the results of the Rob and Slim Show Favorite Character Poll that was on Twitter, talked about pissing off Corey Haim’s sister on Twitter, and reviewed Corey Feldman’s AWful performance of his song “Go 4 It” from The Today Show. We discussed the recent terror attacks in New Jersey and New York City, then went over a news story about a Canadian judge who told a rape victim that she should have kept her legs closed. We interviewed Australian Comedian Chris Butler, who baited Bryan Silva into an online rap battle, Comedian Jacob Cantu who learned the ways of love and the “Alabama Crab Dangle” from Executive Intern Pete’s estranged Ashley Madison Girlfriend Joanie, Podcaster and Musician Russell McLain, Comedian James D. Creviston, Comedian Chris Young, and Nick and Justin From The Epic Film Guys...

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TIC – #187 Whoop It Up Wednesday

Line Up for Podcast #187 World Gratitude Day International Red Panda Day Question of the Podcast This Week in History What you sleeping position means as a couple Things you can learn from your dog Reasons people “Like” you on Facebook Fun Animal Facts How famous candy brand got their names water cooler questions Quote of the Podcast Bob and Jason’s Show prep by...

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TIC #186 – He Da Man!

Line Up for Podcast #186 Butterscotch Pudding Day Talk Like A Pirate Day Question of the Podcast Listener Responses Entertainment News with Mindy What your car says about you Music Monday – Hoodwink Things every woman should know about her husband Truth or BS 10 popular myths busted Reasons to be ecstatic about summer coming to an end Quote of the Podcast Bob and Jason’s Show prep by...

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TIC #185 Reasons For Growing a Beard

Line Up for Podcast #185 Play-Doh Day Step Family Day Collect Rocks Day Question of the Podcast Fun Fact Friday 25 things we do when nobody is looking Reasons growing a beard is the best thing you will ever do Trivia Weird and Whacky World We Live In Shout Out Podcast: Non diversity in hollywood A statistical look at who we are. Quote of the Podcast Bob and Jason’s Show prep by...

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#88 Bob Marsdale LIVE, Dean Andrews, Allen Clark, Jason Mack, and Ron & Cheese

We opened the show with Rucka Rucka Ali’s Stitches parody “TRUMP” then went over some drama that ensued after last week’s show with Ryan Leone, and we got a call from our good friend David The Producer from “The Unwritable Rant” with Juliette Miranda. We shot the shit for a bit, then covered a few news stories, one of an elderly woman who was punched at a Trump rally, and one of a silly goose who vandalized a statue of Jesus in NYC. Comedian Bob Marsdale came in live, and talked to us about comedy, being a DJ, and more. Morgan Freeman called in to talk to us when he heard Bob mention him. We interviewed Podcaster Dean Andrews from “The Dean Andrews Podcast”, our good friend, Comedian, and Podcaster Allen Clark from “Potential Problems” and “Stock Market Analysis Podcast”, Comedian Jason Mack, and when Rob and Pete went to the drive in to watch a documentary on prison rape, Ron and Cheese were nice enough to sit in with Slim to do the last interview. It was a great...

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