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Escorts Anybody?

This episode has ESCORTS, kinda. Not really but they play one on tv..YouTube. One of them does at least. My guests are Trish Rainone & Katie Uhlmann & they are the creators of the new Youtube series, “MY ROOMMATE’S AN ESCORT”  Listen as we talk about how they met, putting the show together, & me winning a BBQ. FOLLOW THEM!!Twitter@Trish Rainone@Katie Uhlmann@EscortRoommateYouTube CALL THE SHOW! Leave a “RANDOM’ voicemail  304 TALK ROB (304 825-5762)  30 day FREE Amazon Prime Trial <——- Use the Amazon Links <—New Merch   Contribute Receive rewards or WEBSITE: Support the show! Buy a shirt or Donate on the website  Subscribe to the podcast & “Like” us on Facebook Page Also follow the show on Twitter @RRR_Podcast or @ItsBRob  INSTAGRAM: @RandomRamblingsW_Rob #WalmartLog  THANKS FOR...

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Episode 014- Love Your Sibling

Episode 014: Love Your Sibling


Welcome back to anther exciting episode of The Ped and Mellor Show! Rants and Bants are at full swing this week as we cover social media, newspaper stories and plenty of the usual ramblings you are accustomed to by now.


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#120 #BusPills: Jordan J. Garber, Mandy Magnan, Ashton Womack, Mo Moshaty, & Kevin Gootee

We opened the show with “Isis Isis Baby” by Rucka Rucka Ali, went over some new #TomAndSteveSuck news where we played a clip from The Brand X Podcast, went over some new 5 star iTunes reviews, talked about Bus Pills, and did some #DRIZZLENEWS. When Slambo didn’t show, The Driz and Frankie Tubesteaks performed iSpy by Kyle and ‘Lil Yachty, then Slambo showed up and he showed us how it’s done. We interviewed Pro Wrestling Journalist Jordan J. Garber, Actress Mandy Magnan, Comedian Ashton Womack, Singer and Podcaster Mo Moshaty, and our good friend and Comedian Kevin Gootee from...

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