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The Generic Episode

This week the guys talk generic things we won’t buy. Getting on jacked up on Energy Drinks, Rokk’s unhealthy obbession with energy drinks. A rousing “generic” version on trivia that, as normal, BB isnt prepared for. And BB rounds out the show with his acoustic version of “Voices” (Randy Orton Theme) Be Sure to Subscribe, Rate, And Review    You can find this and all our other Episodes at You can contact me at Twitter: @thetavernpod @hush_face Facebook:The Tavern Podcast Hush Your Face Entertainment YouTube: Hush Your Face YouTube IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE SHOW PLEASE USE OUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK FOUND HERE: AMAZON...

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#116 Twisted Philly LIVE,, Kanka Sorz, Lucas Corvatta, Reggie Wade, & The Ginni Show

“Twisted Rob and Slim” We opened the show with “Without Jew” by Rucka Rucka Ali and Rob was so offended he quit. When he remembered Slim can’t broadcast worth a shit, he returned with Deana from The Twisted Philly podcast. We talked about a piece of shit priest and Charlie Murphy passing away. Since Slambo was out on a meth binge, Slim did “Slim sings the hits” and performed “Bounce Back” by Big Sean, then we performed the third episode of “Too Many Rapes. We revealed the results of our Real Tea vs. Snapple poll to settle our feud...

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Episode 011- Winging It Edition

Episode 11: Winging It Edition


Welcome back to ep.11! Basically Ped was too lazy to do show notes and prepare a show so this week we are just gonna wing it!

Sex Ed with Ped is back by popular demand and Mellor gets another song sent in! called “P@£*ha Mi Mellor”

which we presume is spanish swearing for “Sleep with me Mellor”???

who knows? what we do know, is that we have the best listeners in the world right now x


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