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Episode 41…Buh Bye!

The final episode of The Bro-ron’s Podcast. Big D and Little R play messages from listeners, plus Wanks On a Plane, Naked in Wal-Mart, Titties For The Bar, and Republicans Are Evil. Then We hand out our Final Cretin Award. Sit back, relax, crack open a…

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Episode 39…Failure To Launch!

Catch Phrases, Joe Dirt’s Mom, and Cave Crew Radio. Plus a flat earther fails to launch, Jesus Flu shots, and Rubber Sex. Then Big D plays the accents challenge. Plus, a visit from Cleetus Toothgap and a Cretin Award. Sit back, pop open a brew, and get…

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Episode 38…Digging A Hole

Big D digs himself a hole with doug from Who’s Right Podcast, Little R is old and School Bus Schlongs! Also, Jonesing for Taco Bell, A punch to the face, spunk throwing, and a police gangbang…Plus, Big D Interviews The Stars, Ask a Black Guy App, and…

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Episode 37…You’re Fired!

In this new and improved Bro-ron’s episode, Big D and Little R get fired and replaced by Big C and Little M! The guys discuss Ginger Fros, Bigfoot Rape, Noah’s Cell Phone, and Raging Hard-ons. Then they introduce a segment called Phone An Idiot. Sit ba…

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