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HGP#247 Stupid Ideas

This week join Jesus, Gunny, and Eric. We discuss many things such as Anthem, The division 2, Halo MCC, House flipper and a game that fights misogyny also we debut the next great BR game. Lots of news and plenty of community questions to be answered! 

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Join Jesus and Gunny as they discuss about the newest internet villain MOMO. This is a HGP Plus Patreon show being released due to the new MOMO craze seen on social media.
Intro Music by FWLR & Twistex – Breakout (HGP Mix) -…

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HGP#246 High Cat

This week join Jesus, Gunny, and Eric. We discuss Anthem, Apex legends, Frostpunk  and many more games. Lots of interesting gaming news as well. We get into conspiracy theories and can a cat tell that you’re high? We cover this and so much more on this…

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HGP#245 Matt Chime

This week join Jesus, Gunny, Eric, and Matt Bradford from VGO, No Sleep, Debris, World Record Book and other stuff. As we discuss tons of games from Chime Sharp to Metro Exodus and everything in between! Join us for a amazing time.
Intro Music by FWLR…

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HGP#244 Send Help

Welcome back This week join Jesus, as he does a very lonely show and talks about Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3 and Apex! Someone Send Help…
Intro Music by FWLR & Twistex – Breakout (HGP Mix) -
Outro Music by Broke For Free…

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