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HGP#239 Super Mini

Welcome to a new year as we talk new and old games.  Join Jesus, Gunny, and Johnathan AKA Penpointred as we discuss more Playstation VR games. Vampyr, Xcom2, Resident Evil 2 demo, Kingdom 2 Crowns and PC tower case BS. Some Interesting news and much mo…

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HGP#237 HG To The Z

New Year New Show! Or is it? Join Jesus, TheyCallMeIams and BrinkofEternity in a old school style HGP. Don’t you worry the crew will be back next week but this is one hell of a ride. Join us as we discuss rap, games, and news stories like The Mad Box a…

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This is the HGP GOTY show! Jesus, Ryan, Henley and Eric discuss the best games of 2018 with their top 10 games list. As well as the communities votes for each category. We had fun recording this and hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays from us to you and …

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HGP#236 PC Gunny

This week Jesus, Gunny, and Eric discuss, Xcom 2, Ashen, Book of Demons, Dead Cells, Just Cause 4, Battlefield 5, Ashen, Devil May Cry 5 demo, Sea of Thieves, RDR2 Online. Also there is lots of news to discuss with some special number crunching.
Intro …

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