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Hey Bob! Episode 25

We announced the prize last week and now we have a winner! After discussing the second half of season 1 of The Defenders, we dive into a load of questions from you guys! The final question we answe is the winning question and the asker gets our Guardia…

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I’ll Take A Potato Chip, And Eat It! Episode 24

This is the final Episode in “Studio 751!” We discuss what we’ve been watching, like always, TV singing sucks, we talk about the first half of The Defenders, we ‘briefly” discuss undrepants, and SpaceX is making giant leaps  for mankind.

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George Lucas Can Suck It! Episode 23

In this edition of the podcast, we continue our discussion and disection of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. From some new stuff like “Bright” to bring back some old stuff like “Stargate” and that one with the war in the stars. Just listen to us talk on and on about stuff in episode 23 of The Nerdowells Podcast.

Edit: Chris says quantum teleportation when indeed he means quantum tunneling.

Stargate Origins SDCC Panel: […]

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Planet of the Apestraveganza! Episode 21, Part II

Part II of II of our Planet of the Apes two parter episode. The madhouse continues as The Nerdowells talk about the remakes and the reboots. We dig our stinking paws into the good, the bad, and the ugly. We talk about what we don’t like and what we go ape for. There’s no monkeying around in The Nerdowells Podcast: Planet of the Apestraveganza episode, all leading up to our review of War for the Planet of the Apes!


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