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Oh Hai! Episode 36

This week’s episode discusses the greatest worst movie ever made, Facebook being a peeping Tom, a War amongst the Stars, and as always, we take great questions from great nerds.

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What A Great Episode Mark! Episode 35

This week, Chris comes to the most frightening realization of all, he’s a hipster! We’re infinitely excited about the next Avengers movie, Jedi are coming at Last, an artist has had a disaster, and Saudi Arabian robots (band name, calling it!) want families.

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Resistance Is Futile! Episode 34

This week on The Nerdowells Podcast we review some Justice that’s in a League of its own, Eric executes a war on cheese, The Punisher series is anythung but punishment, Sam’s childhood is in pain, there’s a “forced” discussion about the Borg, and we get nerded up on what we’re thankful for.

Pikachu On Acid Link (Explicit):

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