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Episode 37: Bathroom Trouble

Episode 37: Bathroom Trouble

Welcome to episode 37 of The Ped & Mellor Show ft. The Other Guy (Will). This week we hear all about DIY SOS as Mellor experiences bathroom troubles…what’s the worst that could have happened?

Also plenty of news stories and social media gripes from throughout the last week.


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Episode 036- Millenials

Episode 036: Millenials

Welcome to ep.36 where Ped, Mellor and Will bring you the bubble wrapped edition just for the millenials out there…. YEAH RIGHT! They are as offensive as ever, so if you are a millenial snow flake then you might want to avoid this episode.

To the rest of you, enjoy!

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Episode 035- New Year…Same Us!

Episode 035: New Year…Same Us!

Ped, Mellor and Will are back for the 35th edition of The Ped and Mellor Show!

It’s been 5 long weeks since our last episode but its a new year and definately still the same us!

It’s good to be back!..But you guys might not agree?

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Episode 034- Insert Title Here

Episode 034: Insert Title Here
Ped, Mellor and Will return once again to give you social media rants, movie quizes and stories from around the world to make you laugh.
This is the last episode of the year, but have no fear we will be back in the new ye…

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Episode 033- Wotsit all about…

Episode 033: Wotsit All About…


The develish trio are back once again to make you laugh, scough and cringe the best way we know how!

social rants, banter and a man who loves the smell of wotsits…don’t ask, just listen.


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