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Episode 023- Vlad The Impaled

Episode 023: Vlad The Impaled

Ped and Mellor welcome you all back with the 23rd edition of the worlds official number 1 Rants ‘n’ Bants Podcast!

In this weeks episode they hear of a man from Russia who gets part of himself implaled on a fence post, many social rants, and they are also joined by their apprentice, “Bagsta”, from the Over The Heel Podcast.

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Episode 022- Lucky Trumpet

Episode 022- Lucky Trumpet

In this weeks episode we hear about how the luckiest man changed his fate with the use of a trumpet and how Ped and Mellor might have offended all their varied listener base in one single episode.

if you’re offended… don’t worry, you’re in good company!

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Episode 021- Brand X

Episode 021: Brand X

Ped and Mellor are back with episode 21! But this week is a special episode as they are joined by John Bukenas from Brand X podcast!

Rants, Bants and more laugh out loud moments.

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And finally, be sure to check out the Brand X podcast, we love it and we are sure you will to!

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Episode 018- Calling All BadCops!

Episode 018: Calling All BadCops!


Welcome to episode 18 of the Ped and Mellor Show! This week you are in for a treat as we called our podcast friends Jerry and Dave from The Badcop badcop podcast, entertaining and funny is always a gurantee with those two.

We also have plenty of the usual rants and bants you are used to.


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Episode 017- Viva Radio Vegas

Episode: 017 Viva Radio Vegas


Ped and Mellor are back with the 17th edition of the show and have found themselves a new home on Radio Vegas Rocks Network! (can be found on the tune in app)

This week the guys cover all the usual comedy picks you are familiar with blah blah blah…..does anyone read these show descriptions?? Probably not, but just incase someone does then you can find some more awesome shows on the following networks:

Fat Lulz Radio

Radio Vegas Rocks

And until next week…when we can do it all again!

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