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Episode 027- Guinness and Potatoes

Episode 027: Guinness and Potatoes


Ped and Mellor are back once again and they celebrate like its St.Patricks day as they are joined by everybodys favourite irishman Colm Sheridan from The Last Save Loaded Podcast.

Laughs come thick and fast this week as the lads go through social media rants, funny stories, embarrassing life experiences and lets not forget sexual advice!


Be sure to check out The Last Save Loaded Podcast if you are into gaming and fun podcasts.


You can find other awesome shows at the following networks:

Fat Lulz

Radio Vegas Rocks

Hush Your Face

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Episode 026- Phone Sex Friday

Episode 026: Phone Sex Friday


Ped and Mellor are back with episode 026 of their world famous podcast and its quite possibly their sexiest yet!

Sex ed with Ped season 2 kicks off with a bang as they are joined by sexy sex phone operator Ryder Doll.


plenty of fun, banter and sexy talk!

and if you are all steamed up from this episode be sure to check out some of the other podcasts on the following networks


Fat Lulz

Radio Vegas Rocks

Hush your Face

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Episode 017- Viva Radio Vegas

Episode: 017 Viva Radio Vegas


Ped and Mellor are back with the 17th edition of the show and have found themselves a new home on Radio Vegas Rocks Network! (can be found on the tune in app)

This week the guys cover all the usual comedy picks you are familiar with blah blah blah…..does anyone read these show descriptions?? Probably not, but just incase someone does then you can find some more awesome shows on the following networks:

Fat Lulz Radio

Radio Vegas Rocks

And until next week…when we can do it all again!

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Episode 016- Hardcore!

Episode 016: Hardcore!


Ped And Mellor are back with the 16th edition of their laugh out loud show!

This week we hear about some hardcore porn mix up and a guy who loves his car a little too much. plus plenty of the usual laughs you all know so well.


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Episode 015- Skidmark

Episode 015: Skidmark 


After two weeks away Ped and Mellor are back to tarnish your ears and minds with their usual views on social media, funny stories and many more of their pet peeves.

We would write more, but no one reads the podcast descriptions anyway.


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