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#172 Season 5 Opener: with Christopher Minori, Raymond The Amish Comic, Steve Coulter, Frankie MacDonald, & FnD

We opened the show with “Netherland’s Gay” by Rucka Rucka Ali, got an update on Rob’s dad and enjoyed some of Sasha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime show “Who Is America?”. The Driz performed “Yeah” by Usher for “The Driz Sings The Hits”, Ron read us “Shindler’s Fist” for a bedtime story, and performed the new “Too Many Rapes: Lost In Rapes” episode titled “Space Crabs”. Rob did “DRIZZLENEWS” and Slim did Celebrity News and Gossip.


We interviewed Creator and Co-Author of “The Texas Chainsaw Musical” Christpher Minori, Raymond The Amish Comic, our good friend, Hollywood Actor Steve Coulter, Internet Sensation Frankie MacDonald, and FnD came in to talk to some author. I think The Driz got laid!


It was a great show!


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Ryder Reacts To Urban Dictionary: “Boof Assist”

In this steamy summer installment of “Ryder Reacts to the Urban Dictionary”, she reads and reacts to the term “Boof Assist”.



Check out her site and call her on NiteFlirt. You know you want to, she’s the sexiest little flirt in the world and will be the best phone fuck of your life!


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#170 Season 4 Finale: with Joey Taylor and John Poveromo LIVE, MARTIN MEISTER, Moses Moseley, Lucas Corvatta, Elias from The ManCave Chronicles, & FnD

We opened our Season 4 Finale with “Just Like Black Peoples” by Rucka Rucka Ali, listened to a shoutout “we” got from another show, talked about the new FLCL, and listened to the new “Ryder Reacts To Urban Dictionary” with the one and only Ryder Doll from NiteFlirt. We kicked of the first “Nobody Beats The Driz” which is sponsored by Spunk Lube with a rap battle with his first contestant King Who, and Slamborghini enjoyed a bukakke where we flung Spunk Lube at him. We performed the new “Too Many Rapes” episode titled “Lost In Rapes” and Ron read us ”Slumber Party Shenanigans: aka The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave” for a bedtime story.


We were joined by Comedian John Poveromo Live and interviewed Musician Joey Taylor Live, MUSICIAN MARTIN MEITSTER, Actor Moses Moseley from The Walking Dead and Attack Of The Southern Fried Zombies, Comedian Lucas Corvatta, and Elias from “Th […]

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