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#128 John Poveromo, Joey Taylor, Kacey Spivey, Steve Coulter, Ryder Doll, Pat Thomas, & Koffee Black

“Season 3 Finale”

We opened with “Ginger”by Rucka Rucka Ali and Rob talked about how Jay Sandlin has been just as annoying this past week even with having blocked him, then Slim and Slambo both graced us with their new hit singles “Jay Sandlin’s a Cunt”.

We were Joined by Comedian John Poveromo Live in studio, Slambo and The Driz performed “Work it” by Missy Elliot ft. 50 Cent, Slambo did his new Crazy Slammy’s commercial, and we did the “Too Many Rapes” season finale.

We were joined by Musician Joey Taylor live in studio who performed a track off his new album “King Harry Dresher” available on

We interviewed Comedian, Actress, and Writer Kacey Spivey, Actor Steve Coulter, Ryder Doll from, Pat Thomas from The Stay The Course Podcast, an Comedian, Author, & Podcaster Koffee Black.

It was an amazing show!

See you guys at the end of the summer!

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#127 Tony DeSantis from Boombats, Preston Gunderson, Doug Mergenthal, Jarvis Black, & John Poveromo

We opened with “Jihad Me @ Hello” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about Rob’s recent struggles, Slambo covered “Get Low” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz in Slambo Sings, we did a new episode of “Too Many Rapes” with special guest Phil Bosby, Rob did Drizzlenews, Amanda did her new segment “Ask Amanda” and Slim did Slim’s Celebrity Gossip and News.

We got a surprise call from our old pal Heavy Pubes, then interviewed Actor Tony DeSantis about his new Web Series “Boombats” and more, Comedian Preston Gunderson, Comedian Doug Mergenthal, Comedian and Podcaster Jarvis Black aka Dr. Heckle, and Comedian John Poveromo.

It was an awesome show!

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