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#135- Hereditary Movie Review/ Discussion with Ted Bracewell & Alyssa White

This week Alyssa White, Ted Bracewell and I are doing a simi short review of Hereditary (out today in theaters) and a much longer spoiler/ discussion of the movie. There is a clear warning when the spoilers start

Alyssa White on Twitter: @Lyssarie



Find Ted on Twitter: @Tedakin 

IG: https://www.instagr […]

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#134- Kevin & Jennifer Sluder (Sunshine Boy Productions)

Kevin and Jenn Sluder from Sunshine Boy Productions join me this week to talk about a few of the films they are involved with. We talk about their most recent film Heartless, which is running its rounds in horror film festivals at the moment and much much more. Follow the links below to check out their work


Direct link to Feeding Time:

Dircet link to Play Violet for Me:

Find Kevin on Twitter: @kevin_sluder

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#133- Douglas Coleman, Alyssa White, Oak Leaf Wine Bottle

This week Douglas Coleman from “Almost Better Than Silence” joins me with Alyssa White to watch me act like a total tool, while drinking a full bottle of wine. ENJOY

Find Douglas and ABTS on Twitter: @ABTSilence


Almost better network:

Alyssa White on Twitter: @Lyssarie 



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#132- Dan Ramirez (Heroes of Noise) Chris (ADO Radio) Clint Thiele (Geek Dig)

Huge nerd fest this week! Dan Ramirez from “Heroes of Noise” and “The Word” joins me on the show for the first time. Chris from “Attention Deficit Order” joins me for the second week in a row. Clint Thiele from “Geek Dig” is back after a few years hiatus! We talk movies, show, video game and throw in a fun random improv skit in the middle. Enjoy

Find Dan on Twitter: @DanQPublic

Heroes of Noise: @HeroesofNoise

The Word: 

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#131- Chris from Attention Deficit Order

Had an epic 2 hour conversation with Chris from ADO Radio. Long story short, I lost it. Luckily Chris stuck around for another 40 minutes to record this one. Happy podcasting everyone!

Find ADO Radio on Twitter: @adoradio0


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