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#117- H. Patrik Coyne (Actor/Streamer)

Patrik Coyne is a actor that has been on the Walking Dead. Also a video game streamer that goes by the name Ace of Ransom. Huge shout out to Patrik, this was a fun episode

Find Patrik on Twitter: @HPatrikCoyne

Ace of Ransome on Twitter: @AceOfRansom




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#107- Lianne Moseley (Makeup Artist)

Fun times this week hanging out with makeup artist Lianne Moseley. We’re talking art, food, Harvey Weinstein, and ton more. ENJOY

Find Lianne on Twiter: @lustredust



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#103- Amanda Troop (Actor, Voice Actor, Improviser)

On this weeks episode is voice actress/actress/improviser Amanda Troop. You may know her as Hermoine in BAMF Girls Club, Stacey in Wilfred, Gladys Windsmere in Batman Unlimited. She has been in a lot of cool stuff! Her husband Brandon Jones dropped in for about 5 minutes. You may recognize his voice from the Game Trailers game reviews and Easy Allies game reviews on YouTube. Enjoy

Find Amanda on Twitter@Amanda_Troop



Find Brandon on Twitter […]

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#102- Kira Buckland (Nier Automata/ Fire Emblem Heroes) * Caitlin Macatee (Comedian, YouTuber)

This week my super funny and awesome friend Caitlin Macatee (That C Monster) joins me to chat with voice actress Kira Buckland. Kira voices 2B in NieR: Automata, Seraphina in Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceEirika in Fire Emblem Heroesand much more **

Find Kira on Twitter: @rinachan


Find Caitlin on Twitter: 

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