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#68|| Janet Mona (Singer / Song Writer)

This week I sit down with Janet Mona. Janet is a 23 y/o singer / song writer from Las Vegas, Nevada. We talked about a wide variety of things, IE. kids doing the dab dance, music, recording and editing, podcasting, California vs Nevada, damn millennials and a ton of other random things. We played 2 of Janet’s songs “Mercy” and “Bad

You can find Janet on Twitter/Instagram @JanetMona

Listen to Janets music on her website

or on Soundcloud

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#67|| PARTY EPISODE! w/Ray, Danielle, Chris (The Naked Porch) Zyme (Rap Artist)

Crazy party chat this week. Hanging out with Ray, Danielle and Chris from The Naked Porch Podcast and Zyme, who is a rap artist from California. So much fun happened on this episode. We even played a brand new (unmastered) song by Zyme that was barely recorded 2 days prior to this recording. What a freaking riot this was!

Find Zyme on Twitter @ZymeIsCool listen to his music anywhere you can

Find The Naked Porch on Twitter @TheNakedPorch 

Chris @HiFunctioning


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#66| Silvia Saige (Adult Film/Stand Up Comic)

This was a great episode. Silvia Saige is a Stand Up Comedian and Adult Film Actress. We talked about a mix of different topics from adult film and comedy to gambling and mermaids! Silvia shares a few super awkward stories that might knock Trumps wig off his head!

find Silvia on Twitter @silviasaigexxx *** on Instagram @silviasaigesex

This episode opens with a BS PODCAST NETWORK promo by The Unpopular Culture podcast, find them on Twitter @upcpodcast

Also I have a treat for everyone, Liza and Sam from Slammerkin […]

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#64| Gidget (Friend, XD Experience)

Hung out with my friend Gidget for this episode. Always a fun time, as we talk about swear words, The Walking Dead, Fear TWD, Channel Zero, Jamie Kennedy, Scream, Westworld, food and everything else we could think of. ENJOY!

Find Gidget on Twitter: @besckersx3 
Listen to her podcast THE XD EXPERIENCE @XDExperience new episodes every Tuesday
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#63| Najarra Townsend, Erik Carlson (WOLF MOTHER movie) Ted Bracewell (ZombieCast)

Friend of the show Ted Bracewell (Kombat Kids Cartoon, ZombieCast) and myself had the pleasure of hanging out with the Writer/Director Erik Peter Carlson and lead actress Najarra Townsend of the WOLF MOTHER film. We talked a bunch (spoiler free) about their upcoming film WOLF MOTHER which releases exclusively on and the JoBlo’s youtube channel from November 3rd-13th. We talk about Erik’s other films: The Toy Soldiers and Transatlantic Coffee. Weirdness and awkwardness happened. EVERYONE check out WOLF MOTHER, its awesome! ***

Find Erik on Twitter: @erikpcarlson  *** Facebook: ***
Find the WOLF MOTHER film on Twitter: @wolfmothermovie *** facebook: https […]

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