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Big thank you to everyone. Thank you to Fey and Scott for helping me host this episode. Big thanks to Josh Reding, Alyssa White, Mark Cox and Kacey Spivey for hanging out. Thank you to Cissy Jones for dropping in with the telltale Walking Dead cast. Thank you to Daielle Rayne for dropping by. Thank you to every one who left voicemails: Michael Ray Bower, Normii Late, Amand Sink, B.Rob, Arlill Rodriguez, Toni Rager, Connagh, Rocky Suits

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#98-Tami Stronach (The NeverEnding Story)

This week I do a short and sweet interview with Tami Stronach. Tami played the Childlike Empress in the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. We talk about The NeverEnding Story and her company Paper Canoe Company. I played 2 of her songs at the end of this episode “Beanstalk Jack” and “Steal Away”


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#97- Larry Roberts (Readily Random)

Balls out fun hanging with Larry Robertsfrom the Readily Random Podcast and former host of Accidentally The Whole Tip. Enjoy

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#96- Dayeanne Hutton (Life is Strange, Emma Approved)

Dayeanne Hutton is an actress known for her role as Kate Marsh in the Life is Strange video game. She also plays Harriet Smith in Emma Approved series. We talked about video games, Harry Potter, Disneyland, mermaids and more.

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