Author: Three Is Comedy

#19 Pube Licks

On todays show, Jason reveals the reason why we just keep coming back to junk food, even though we know it’s bad for us, plus ways to shake the Monday morning blues. Kanye West, Blink 182 and Kurt Cobain are featured on music news. Mindy shares the Mos…

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#4 Slow on the Jingles

On todays show, Jason shares some great news about beer and pain management, and a survey that reveals something sexy about good dancers, Mindy shares 10 viral food challenges that could send you to the ER and wrapping up the show we discuss revelation…

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#3 Lady Garden

On todays show, Jason shares signs that you’ve crossed the line with your work spouse, also there is a rise in the number of teens going to rehab, but not for the usual reason. Mindy will discusses things that should never go near your cooch, and closi…

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#2 Iron Will

On todays show, find out what percentage of women say they don’t believe their guy when he says he is sick, plus Jason shares things that inspire happiness worldwide. Mindy shares the worst foods from Walmart you should never have in your kitchen and f…

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