Author: Three Is Comedy

#64 What About Truffle Butter?

On todays show, calling people by the wrong name could mean you love them, Jason explains, plus he shares the reason why pizza may be addictive, your reasons to party for tomorrow, the greatest Christmas movies of all time and inappropriate thoughts to…

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#63 Everything Sounds Louder

On todays show, is it the Whisky talking, or is it really you? Jason reveals who you really are while drunk, plus he discusses how doing the dishes can be relaxing, your reasons to party for tomorrow, and he shares the best inventions of 2018 and Mindy…

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#61 Watch What You Eat

On todays show, Jason shares quirky secret Santa gifts, and an interesting new way to fight off a potential shooter, he also shares your reasons to party for tomorrow, Forbes highest paid TV hosts and some too stupid for us to make up news stories and …

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