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#51 Zombie Apocalypse (Kinda)

Line Up for Podcast #51
On today’s show, a town in California is banning what Jason likes to call Zombies, you’ll hear a long lost song by a 17 year old Amy Whinehouse, in a segment called bizarre world records, you’ll hear how many straws can fit in the human mouth, and if often times you feel the world is against you, Mindy shares 15 things that will lift your spirits. Plus our pal Nick Humphrey is joins us!

Amy Whinehouse song: 

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#50 Trivia with Lisa & Sam

Line Up for Podcast #50
On podcast #50 you’ll hear ridiculous reasons couples called it quits, the proper way to pronounce February, you’ll learn why calling Mom is good for your health and we are fortunate enough to share our interview with our new friends Lisa and Sam of the I Shake My Head Podcast.

I Shake My Head


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#49 Why Men Are Happier

Line Up for Podcast #48 On podcast #48 On today’s podcast we discuss a new invention that will change the way you vacation, you’ll discover why men are much happier than women, how to recognize if your relationship is at next level status and if a firm…

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#48 Smirnoff Snatch

Line Up for Podcast #48
On podcast #48 you’ll hear about a gas leak that grounded a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, how exercise is not the most important thing for living a long life and you’ll learn why a cloned sheep was named dolly. On this sexy Friday Mindy will discuss the myth surrounding whisky penis, and she asks that we stop using the term Hot Pocket in place of Vagina. This and more! 


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#47 Trivia with Shawn Fuller

Line Up for Podcast #47
On podcast #47 we share an ooey-gooey reason to party, and an On This Day in History that will have you buzzing. In music news The Smashing Pumpkins are back and Fergie responds to criticism over her national anthem rendition. We will share her rendition, our thoughts about her rendition and her response. In entertainment news you’ll hear how Fergie’s ex-husband actor Josh Duhmal tried to cheer her up. We’ve got Fun Funerals, magic school buses and an interview with Shawn Fuller of The Horribly Awkward podcast all on today’s show.

Shawn Fuller
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