Author: Three Is Comedy

#32 Beans For Breakfast

On todays show, there may be a solution for dogs that are scared of thunder, and fireworks, but is it legal? We discuss, also we reveal if you may be drinking your coffee wrong. Toto, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift are featured in Music news, plus we shar…

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#30 Tales of Rock Star Excess

On todays show, how does a four day work week sound with out adding any extra hours to your day or a pay cut? Would you be happier? One company tried it and Jason shares their results, plus dog owners would do anything for their dog, but would your dog…

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#29 Dial Up

On todays show, It’s known that brisk walking is a good form of exercise, Jason reveals how fast brisk actually is, plus he share the single most effective way for a man to increase his sex appeal, music news and weird graveyard inventions, and Mindy s…

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