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#61 Watch What You Eat

On todays show, Jason shares quirky secret Santa gifts, and an interesting new way to fight off a potential shooter, he also shares your reasons to party for tomorrow, Forbes highest paid TV hosts and some too stupid for us to make up news stories and …

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Patreon Episode #1 Dog Napping

Jason shares new information about self driving cars, plus he reveals the best way for ladies to achieve a good nights sleep, how to get the cheapest flights, and biological life hacks and Mindy reveals what 20 women secretly want in bed and words in t…

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#60 All By Myself

On todays show, Jason shares your reasons to party for tomorrow, plus he reveals a great way for you to boost your productivity, evidence that chemtrails may be a real thing, and things that are killing your smartphone battery and Mindy shares 15 thing…

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#59 Bone Broth

On todays show, Jason shares a new way to dress up the beard that aligns with the holiday spirit, and he shares something that is considered worse than straws for the environment, plus how to tell if you have a cold, flu or allergies and english words …

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#58 Weird is Normal

On todays show, Jason reveals that there is nothing weird about being weird, and he shares an interesting fact about cottage cheese, things not to buy on Black Friday and tips to Ease Winter SAD Symptoms and Mindy discusses 11 fun facts about Turkeys. …

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