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#67 Understandment

On todays show, do dogs love it when we smile at them? We reveal that, as well as a solution that Miller Coors has for encouraging Millennials to drink more beer. Also Jason shares hacks to help stop food cravings and Mindy will share the things you mi…

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#66 Soft & Dry

On todays show, Find out what percentage of adults have driven off with their phone on the top of their car, Also Jason shares a tip for keeping your bath towels softer, plus David Bowie’s handwriting, and some country music collaborations make there w…

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#65 Sugar… Oh Honey Honey

On todays show, Mindy shares the shortest celebrity marriages ever. We reveal what’s going on with the logo we posted on our Facebook page, Jason shares the solution to a happy wife, and the connection between your waistline and technology, as well as …

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#64 Blue Ice

On todays show, We’ve got an update on the Facebook topic shared on Friday, apparently deleting your account may not be good after all. Also, if you talk to your pet, you may be intelligent. We’ve got new music by Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kenny Chesney and John Legend, We’ve got a list of unbelievable things that homeowners insurance actually covers, and Mindy share’s 11 things healthy people do before 10am.

“Great Wide Open” by Thirty Seconds to Mars, from the new album “America” out now:
Kenny Chesney – his new single ‘Get Along’ […]

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#63 Where’s the Beef?

On todays show: Most people don’t like a slacker, but there may be an advantage to being lazy. Also, Mindy competes against the chat to guess famous slogans. On sexy Friday Mindy shares common myths about sex and we answer this question: Could you actu…

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