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#46 It Could Be Worse

On todays show, Jason shares weird jobs celebrities had before they were famous and he shares a new segment called, from My Point Of View, and Mindy discusses things that you’re doing that make you look older and crazy things couples didn’t know about …

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#45 Dry Cork Shrink

On todays show, Jason talks about the value of having a sister, plus he shares your reasons to party for tomorrow, why living by the beach improves your health and things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep and Mindy will inform yo…

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#44 A Freshy

On todays show, we discuss our new way of camping, plus Jason shares a study that says social sports activities contributes to longer life, plus he shares stupid but true headlines, interesting studies and sleep myths and Mindy will shares camping etiq…

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#43 White People Double Dip

On todays show, we recap our two week break, plus Jason discuss’s a new reason to love Mondays and shares a new study that reveals the positive side of a four day work week, music news, and techniques for cultivating happiness and Mindy shares 9 gross …

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#42 Something to Crow About

On todays show, Mindy will share entertainment news and 10 laundry mistakes you didn’t know you were making, and Jason shares an interesting clean up crew that France is using in their theme parks, plus he shares your reasons to party for tomorrow, a s…

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