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#13 Frankie Third Leg

On todays show, Jason reveals the truth behind vitamins and if they do in fact contribute to extending our lifespan, and he shares a new trend in some schools that is helping kids to perform better. Mindy reveals what your sex sounds say about you. Als…

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#12 Too Much Information

On todays show, Jason reveals why it may be true that nice guys do finish last, and how to improve the ability to have a great first impression. Mindy discuss’s why top tier restaurants are removing the salt from their tables and she shares foods that …

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#11 Happy Memorial Day

On todays show, Jason shares some good retirement advice for people approaching 45 and random fun stats about people and the things we do. Mindy shares a list of 5 must have foods to grill on Memorial Day. And because it’s Memorial Day, we share some facts about Memorial Day and the top 5 list of summertime songs according to Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as Jason and Mindy’s favorite summertime songs. 

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#10 A Visit Form Bobby V

On todays show, we catch up with former co-host a great friend Bobby Venetz. Also, Jason shares some good news about coffee. We dive into the listener question of the podcast, Mindy gives us a little story time and finally we share things you never kne…

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#9 Suitcase The Joint

On todays show, are identification tags on your luggage a good thing? Jason reveals why they may not be and he shares cutting edge vocabulary. Mindy discuss’s a couples horrible tipping trick that has gone viral, and Kurt Cobain, Pink and Justin Timber…

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