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#19 Pube Licks

On todays show, Jason reveals the reason why we just keep coming back to junk food, even though we know it’s bad for us, plus ways to shake the Monday morning blues. Kanye West, Blink 182 and Kurt Cobain are featured on music news. Mindy shares the Mos…

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#18 Pucker String

On todays show, Jason has some quick pick trivia for Mindy and he runs through the status of the podcast. Also Jason shares an interesting fact about job applicants, a tip for getting a raise and recommended hours of sleep. Mindy shares 9 tips on how t…

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#17 Kegels For Men

On todays show, Jason shares good news about using baby talk to talk to our dogs and he reveals the types of people to avoid if you want to be successful. Mindy will share 13 exercises every man should do to improve his sex life and finally they reveal…

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#16 This Tastes Like Water

On todays show, Mindy has always said she thinks water has a taste, Jason reveals whether that is actually true, plus he discusses how millennial’s are changing the way they party that may surprise you. Prince, Garth Brooks and Hall and Oats find their…

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#15 Sex Smoothie

On todays show, Jason shares what people regret most often at the end of their life. Also he discusses the importance of using a bidet, not only for a clean bum, but for the environment as well. Mindy shares the best and worst foods to have before sex …

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