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#36 Bob the Astrophysicist

On todays show, Jason shares a new scam that’s going around the internet that you should be on the lookout for, plus a recent study reveals that modern day kids may not know where an apple comes from. Mindy shares entertainment news and she reveals how…

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#35 A Nut Job

On todays show, apparently the hammock offers the ideal sleeping position, Jason reveals, plus he shares a new job that may get Nutella fans excited. Little Big Town, Aerosmith and Weezer are featured on music news and finally we share ways to make a s…

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#34 Morning Is From Behind

On todays show, a certain diet may help with aggressiveness in children, Jason reveals, plus he shares a study that says our lack of reading the newspaper is lowering our I.Q. and a list of things we believed as a kid that just weren’t true. And Mindy …

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#33 Stinky Dog Feet

On todays show, It turns out the people that love to be constantly on the move aren’t really going too many more places than the rest of us, Jason explains. Plus he reveals something that people with small dogs need to pay attention to and he shares th…

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#32 Beans For Breakfast

On todays show, there may be a solution for dogs that are scared of thunder, and fireworks, but is it legal? We discuss, also we reveal if you may be drinking your coffee wrong. Toto, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift are featured in Music news, plus we shar…

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