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#60 Trivia with The Pod Couple

On todays show, we share why there aren’t any snakes in Ireland, and a new way to enjoy Ketchup. Also, would you take your mom to McDonalds for mothers day? This deal might convince you, and we share our interview with The Pod Couple!

The Pod Couple

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#59 Refrigerate After Opening

On todays show, Willie Nelson, Jack White and The Chainsmokers are all featured in a new segment called New Music Monday, and we discuss just how much quality time the average family spends together. Also we share what one thing inspires 23% of women to ask a guy out on a date, and finally we put a cap on the debate of where you should store your ketchup.

New Music This Week
Willie Nelson – Me and You
Jack White – Over and Over and Over
The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me 

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#58 Trivia with Moms & Murder

On today’s show we interviewed Mandy and Melissa of Moms and Murder and we are pleased to share that interview with you. Mindy reveals that being incredibly good looking may not be the leading attractive trait according to science, and apparently there is a new way to know if your food is going bad. Also, inspired by our guests on todays show, Our question of the podcast is about murder.

Moms and Murder: 

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#57 Mans Best Friend

On today’s show, if your dog growls at your friend, you may want to pay attention. A restaurant in Maine is going old school to solve reservation problems. We answer the question, “What would you do if you were given $5000 today”. Also, Apparently doin…

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#56 Misty Rogers

On today’s show we share the one thing that has more motivating power than cash for employees, we’ve got Darius Rucker and Hootie and The Blowfish on music news and we decide which is better. Mindy shares how to properly use the toilet and apparently w…

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