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Burning Bridges

There is already trouble with our new network ( and Doug is pissed.     Cookie – our Florida corespondent, sent in a great story this week.  We made it through our entire list of what we wanted to talk about for once and we fin…

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My Knitter

We start out with some music from Tony Lowery and then talk about joining yet another podcast network.  It doesnt take long to realize that this one will probably not last either.  We also try to get to the bottom of why we would try to go out of our …

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Virtue Signaling

Doug is called a virtue signaler online and tries to break down how someone could come to that conclusion.  Anthony (of course) agrees with Randal (Married AF) that Doug was trying to prop himself up as the good guy.  Doug and Anthony agree to join all…

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And I’m the Douche?

This week found we talked about Doug appearing on Po’ Boys Podcast & WATP.  The NSFW network said that we were not safe for the not safe for work network.  We discussed gun control, abortion, and free speech.   Support us on Patreon  All of the stories…

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Hustle God Music Blackface and the confederate flag We Have a new Patreon supporter and we think it was done out of spite. Are lawn jockeys racist? Did Liam Neeson need to face a backlash over his comment? Trivia Night with Anthony Please check out Hus…

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