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Arizona lizard fire

Doug is still dealing with Florence, sitting in this week is Brian from the Shooting the shiznit podcast.  help Doug here. Do it! Do it now! click here for naked ladies click here for naked dudes (this one costs money)    

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Flight 93

Doug is out this week due to that bitch Florence so Anthony grabbed another fat guy to put in his place.    John from the Brand X podcast (RIP) was nice enough to sit in and shoot the shit in this weeks offering.   Click here to donate to Doug’s Patreo…

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Googly Eyed Dodgeball

Thank you to for your continued support of our show.  Please visit them if you would like to check out some of our shirts or other merch.   Link to our Patreon One time donation via paypal

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Voicemail from BT over at Shooting the Shiznet kicks off the show. Doug has his supper repossessed from a Pizza Hut delivery driver.  shooting the shiznet conversation Debate about seatbelt laws Discussion about the black lady pulled over by a white c…

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