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Hush Your Face

  • Doug’s last day at work
  • Doug is off to North Carolina
  • Old creepy guy identifies as a 6-year-old girl
  • White guy who identifies as a black man claims racism
  • Hush your face promo goes bad
  • Big Cock defense in suffocation case.
  • Doug’s Rap debut
  • Punching the Christ into someone
  • I think John from Brand X is pissed at us
  • If football players were atheists
  • Is it up to Comcast to babysit us?
  • Bad Cop Bad Cop show is fucking hilarious
  • We play a months’ worth of the Hush Your Face promo
  • Anthony thought all airplanes had parachutes
  • Is it gay to hang out naked with your friends?
  • @Pizza Podcaster is an interesting show
  • Oddball vs MC window licker
  • What the fuck is a Slovakia
  • TNGT had a really good episode

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Meet Pony the prostitute.

  • Peter Noreika created us a theme song.
  • Doug endures air travel AGAIN!
  • Our last episode sucked balls (and we knew it).
  • @jaeswift came through like a motherfucker.
  • Donald Trump is trying to ban Transgenders from joining the Salvation Army?
  • Baby Jessica update.
  • We answer some “Yahoo Answer” questions.
  • “Open your mouth, here comes the Jesus”
  • Meet Pony, the monkey prostitute.
  • Using the USPS to mail weed.
  • Peter Noreika – “Who’s Right”

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Groped by TSA/Who remembers No Fear

  • Introducing Oddball
  • Anthony vs Oddball, it’s a rap off
  • No Retweet – No Surrender (Jasmine Claude – Van Cain)
  • Delta airlines costs Ann Coulter $10,000
  • Airport security costs Doug his soul
  • The Doug dog is born
  • Resistance equals foreplay
  • That one looks like a poodle
  • Caninus
  • John from Brand X tears us apart
  • John from Brand X appears to be right
  • Awaiting Team NicaGene
  • Bad boy Club, No fear and Hyper Color
  • Doug is/was a Bad Boy Douche
  • Growing up with generic food
  • “Can I have your autograph?” “Nope”
  • Kevin Murphy is an amazing artist
  • Bob’s Burgers is gonna kill our show
  • See ya

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