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WTF is Success – #8 John Bukenas

This has been one of my favorite WTF is Success podcasts to date, and that’s because my guest John Bukenas and I talk about one of my favorite topics. Podcasting. Now the two of us are far from hosting the most successful podcasts on the planet, but we share a similar appreciation for quality podcasts, So on this podcast we dive into what we feel allows a podcast the  opportunity to be successful. And there are certainly some key elements that, when overlooked, can prevent a podcast from generating a healthy fan base. We get a little podcast geeky, so prepare yourself, but if you are a fan of the world of podcasting, you will thoroughly enjoy my discussion with the host of The Brand X and Off in the Weeds podcasts, My good friend and guest John Bukenas.

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WTF is Success – #7 David the Producer

My next guest is the man behind the scenes of The Unwritable Rant Podcast featuring Juliette Miranda. Known simply as David the Producer, he not only uses his skills to assist in creating one of the best quality podcasts available in the podcast world, but he has also built a career outside of podcasting that he thoroughly enjoys. In a society where most people don’t love their jobs and live for the weekends, David lives for the work he does, and in my opinion, that is the truest definition of success.

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WTF is Success – #6 Rob Jesse

My next guest, Rob Jesse, is a very funny stand up comedian who is at the beginning of his comedy career. In our conversation we discuss what his successes are and how he manageges failure both on and off the stage. This podcast also features Bobby Venetz as my co-host. 

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