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#27 Out of the Office

On todays show, What if you could get paid for 10 years, but never actually work, Jason discusses, plus he shares a statistical look at who we as humans, and social etiquette mistakes you should stop making by age 30 and Mindy shares 10 ways you are wa…

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#26 All Inclusive

On todays show, Jason reveals why we are often groggy in the morning even after a good night sleep. Plus the 4th of July is long gone, and your dog may be very happy it is, we reveal why. Miley Cyrus, Frank Sinatra and Blink 182 are featured on music n…

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#25 Not Enough Charcoal

On todays show, Is there such a thing as a good argument with your spouse? Jason reveals the answer to that question. Plus he shares a new way to pay for a taxi in Finland that will have karaoke fans excited and purchases that you’ll almost always regr…

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#24 Using Your Noodle

On todays show, apparently you need to be cautious when storing your pool noodle in Arizona, Jason explains, plus he reveals that there may be an invader welcomed into your hotel room in the near future. Mindy shares habits of couples with steamy sex l…

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#170 Season 4 Finale: with Joey Taylor and John Poveromo LIVE, MARTIN MEISTER, Moses Moseley, Lucas Corvatta, Elias from The ManCave Chronicles, & FnD

We opened our Season 4 Finale with “Just Like Black Peoples” by Rucka Rucka Ali, listened to a shoutout “we” got from another show, talked about the new FLCL, and listened to the new “Ryder Reacts To Urban Dictionary” with the one and only Ryder Doll from NiteFlirt. We kicked of the first “Nobody Beats The Driz” which is sponsored by Spunk Lube with a rap battle with his first contestant King Who, and Slamborghini enjoyed a bukakke where we flung Spunk Lube at him. We performed the new “Too Many Rapes” episode titled “Lost In Rapes” and Ron read us ”Slumber Party Shenanigans: aka The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave” for a bedtime story.


We were joined by Comedian John Poveromo Live and interviewed Musician Joey Taylor Live, MUSICIAN MARTIN MEITSTER, Actor Moses Moseley from The Walking Dead and Attack Of The Southern Fried Zombies, Comedian Lucas Corvatta, and Elias from “Th […]

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#23 Red Solo Cups

On todays show, Jason share’s a new study that says children have become more patient, he also also reveals how those memes and GIF’s we’ve come to love may soon be a thing of the past. Mindy discuss’s risky sex trends more couples are trying and final…

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#21 Ketchup Ice Cream

On todays show, Canada and Denmark are on the verge of ending a 30 year war, Jason reveals what that war was about, also a favorite condiment has been made into an ice cream specifically for one ginger pop star, Michael Jackson is featured on Music New…

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#169 “Spunk Lube & SpaghettiOs Smoothie”: LaTice LIVE, Bernard Robichaud, Sloppy, Josh Daniels, Franco & Decatur from The “Dad’s Talkin’ Shit” Podcast, & FnD

We opened the show with “Dago” by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about Slim’s Anime Con shenanigans, the new FLCL, and Slim enjoyed a Spunk Lube and SpaghettiOs Smoothie. The Driz performed “Booty” by Blac Youngsta for “The Driz Sings The Hits” and Rob did #DRIZZLENEWS. We performed the new “Too Many Rapes” titled ”Rapemageddon: part 4″ and Ron Burlington read us ”Triassic Park” for a bedtime story.


We interviewed Comedian LaTice who joined us live in studio, Actor Bernard Robichaud, Sloppy did her newest viral video, then talked to Actor and Former Pro Wrestler Josh Daniels, and Franco and Decatur from The “Dads Talkin’ Shit” Podcast. FnD finished up by learning about computers.


It was a great show!


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#20 Paper or Plastic

On todays show, Jason discuss’s a new way in which McDonalds is attempting to be more Earth conscious and reveals a store in Canada that’s using a “Feed It Forward” approach. Mindy will share hacks to help you shave less often and wrapping up the show Jason reveals ways to fight mosquitos and how to keep your bed cool this summer.

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