DCTV has all shows on The CW renewed. These connected comic book shows have accrued some serious ratings over the past year, especially in the after its crossover before the mid-season finales this past fall. The CW essentially has its own TV universe, with its only competition coming from Netflix’s Marvel shows.

DCTV is killing it on the CW…so much so that they should just make that station nothing but DC TV shows.

Until the crossover I hadn’t watched a single episode of Supergirl, but now I’m invested and need to take them time to completely cathup. The Flash, is one of my favorite shows on T.V. right now. Arrow, just like all shows, has its ups and downs, but overall is a great show. DC Legends is probably my least favorite of all the DCTV, its good don’t get me wrong. But not my favorite.

And then they have the animated DCTV show you can stream, like Vixen and now Constantine. I’m very interested if they will keep the continuity from the cancelled show, or start fresh. The good side is we will get some more HELLBLAZERS in the ARROWVERSE.

The other good shows on The CW

The other 2 shows on CW I like, iZombie and Supernatural.

Go ahead laugh….I know me, liking iZombie is funny. But its a really good show, just give it a shot. I believe both seasons are available on netflix.

Now, I’ve been watching Supernatural for 8yrs now. And have probably watched all the seasons at least 2 times. It has slumped here and there, but what show going on 13 seasons hasn’t. But I still don’t consider the LEVIATHANS season a real season.

Now if CW can get more shows like the ones listed above…I may not need any other channels.

But if you need to catch up I’ve added a video to help get you up to speed(force)….RUN BARRY RUN