So Rocky beat his chest, claimed ownership of Hush Your Face Entertainment and said King and I “took it upon ourselves” to help him with this like we’re working off hours of community service we owe to the state of North Carolina for the last time I went to dollar beer night at Johnny and Junes and got frisky with the mechanical bull and became acquainted with Winston Salem’s finest. At least he did say this is our baby, possessive megalomaniac… Damn do I have my work cut out for me or what?

So allow me to officially introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Vance “BB” Byerly, one third of The Tavern podcast and known to our fans as “The Whole Fucking Show”, but you can call me whatever, I’m easy to get along with. What is it that I do here for the company and The Tavern Podcast you may ask? Well, on the show I try my best to make it funny and entertaining, I supply the alcohol to help make Rocky and King funny and entertaining and I bring you a new live acoustic song on each episode. For the website I’m gonna do a little of the same. I’ll post my thoughts on current events, technology and sports, add videos of the three of us behind the scenes goofing off at The Tavern and post some of my music. Our goal is all the same here, we want to entertain you. Well, I want to get rich and famous and ditch these two dead weights but for now we’re all taking baby steps.

So here’s to our new endeavor diving deeper down the rabbit hole of internet entertainment! Thank you to all of you who have been with us since we were humble geeks sharing one microphone using an unstable program of Pro-Tools. Thank you to the friends we have made and mentors we have gained from other podcasts who get hammered with questions from Rocky. And finally, thank you to Rocky and King for tolerating my ego and sarcasm even though you only do it because without me you wouldn’t have a show or a snowball’s chance in Hell of making it. Your commitment and patience is not in vain young padawans and is greatly appreciated. You two are my brothers and I really do love you like family.

So as I stand proudly on top of The Tavern’s beer stained bar with a mason jar of moonshine in my hand rhetorically asking “Are you not entertained?”….