Here We Go Again

We all have something we want to change about ourselves. But why do so many do the New Year…New Me crap. You wait all year to get a gym membership because your going to lose weight and get in shape. Then after a month, maybe two, you quit going. Hey, I’m not judging. I’ve done it. But not every year. Right now I could use to lose a couple lbs., but when i kick it into gear, I’ll fix my biggest problem. FOOD!!! I love food. Especially cheesecake. I could eat a whole cheesecake in 1 day. One sitting if I don’t stop myself. So when I decide to make that change for the better, I’ll do it by watching what, and how much, I eat. Sodas have also been a problem of mine, but I’ve kinda got it under control by drinking “ZERO” (Pepsi Zero, Sprite Zero etc..) drinks. I know, not as healthy as water, but hey, it’s a start.


Don’t try to fix me!!!

I hate when people try to fix my issues, addictions, or whatever because they’ve jumped on that bandwagon. And they jumped on it faster than Panthers fans jumping to the Cowboys this year. Because after you see that no one gives two happy hells, you’ll probably quit. When people stop bragging, you’ll be back where you were.

I’m NOT hating!!!

If you can set your mind to becoming successful, losing weight, quit smoking, GO FOR IT!!! And if you do it I’ll be the first to congratulate you. But do it for you, NOT for me or anyone else. Do it for you!! But do all of us that dont care a favor…don’t get on your high horse until after you’ve committed for a couple of months.

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