“Stand by for Titanfall….2”
*Disclaimer* This is my first review. They will get better.
In the most recent console era of gaming I’ve always been more of a Playstation guy. Not that I hate on Xbox at all, I loved my 360 and for a very brief time owned an Xbox One. During that time I was able to play the first Titanfall and loved it. Truth be told I was kind of bummed that it was a Microsoft exclusive. Although my time with it was brief, it was one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I had had in recent memory. So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced that Titanfall 2 was going to be multiplatform. Not only that but it was going to have a single player campaign to go along with the great multiplayer that the first Titanfall had.
Titanfall 2 was released at a weird time. Smack dab in the middle of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Arguably the two kings of multiplayer FPS games today. Sadly this caused this great game to be overlooked by many. I’ve always been the guy that plays the campaign portion of a game before jumping into the multiplayer and this was no different. This 6-7 hour action packed campaign definitely grabbed my attention. You play Jack Cooper who starts off as a rifleman in the Militia that longs to be a pilot. The game opens with you being dropped on the planet Typhon, your commander mortally wounded and his Titan incapacitated. From there the action never lets up. The gun play is some of the tightest I think you will find, and once you finally complete the steps needed to man your Titan BT-7274, you feel like a total bad ass, laying waste and at times literally crushing the IMC under your feet.
The most standout moments of the game to me were the Titan boss battles. Although some of them were very frustrating at times, especially  towards the end when you take on Viper. Still, it was so satisfying dealing the final blow to them as your Titan is smoking and on its last legs. There is a particular level halfway thru the campaign that incorporates time travel and time jumping that I believe makes Titanfall 2 stand out from its competition. It’s some of the smartest and unique design I’ve seen. One particular moment at the end of the level will have you just stopping and panning around looking at the chaotic scene and trust me based on what happens you will have plenty of time to do so.
During the campaign you feel the bond that develops between Jack and BT, and although the ending maybe a bit predictable, it’s still well worth a play thru. As far as the multiplayer goes it may not be as strong or as deep as those other two guys that are out now, but there are not many things more satisfying than calling in your Titan and going toe to toe with your enemy.
All in all your King gives Titanfall 2 7.5 out of 10 mason jars.
If you guys have played Titanfall 2 let us know what you
thought of it.
Pros: Solid and satisfying campaign
          Tight gunplay and controls
          Intense boss fights
Cons: Shallow mutlitplayer (Respawn has said more FREE DLC is to come)
          Predictible ending
          The controller throwing rage quit boss battle with Viper