If you are not familiar, let me introduce you to The Dead South. These guys come from up north, way up north from Regina, Saskatchewan, but have a sound that’s straight out the deep south.  I’m all about front porch guitar strumming, boot stomping, banjo picking old country/blue grass sounding music, and if you are too, then these guys are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Comprised of Nate Hilt (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Pringle (mandolin, vocals), Colton Crawford (banjo) and Danny Kenyon (cello), these guys have a sound that you won’t hear on today’s country radio, and that’s a damn good thing!  Head on over to The Dead South’s website and check out their bio, photos, videos and click the link to buy their new album “Illusion and Doubt”!

So put on your overalls, lace up your boots and get ready to hoot, holler and have a hell of a time!