Who Would Have Thought

It has been a crazy week here for Hush Your Face, and for me. When I started this podcast thing, nearly a year ago, I would have never imagined that it would take on the legs that it has. We’ve grown this from a geek podcast into a full faced entertainment thing that focuses on podcasts. If you are new you can go here and listen to a brief history of the The Tavern, and see where we’ve come from.

But that aside, last week was crazy. I got to interview a comedian that I’ve loved listening to and watching his show, and a (new to me) up and coming, on the brink of mainstream success, front man from a local/indie band.

And that’s just where it starts

First I had to schedule the interviews, which wasn’t difficult, but trying to line-up with people in different timezones can be frustrating. But well worth it in the end.

As i was getting prepared for the first show with “Chinaman“, I was anxious. Not because of the interview, but because I was so worried about everything with the live stream working properly.

The second interview with Cody of Amerakin Overdose, went much smoother and he and his loyal fans helped put us on the map. Our little website/facebook had over 1.5k sets of eyes on it.

And that was the easy parts.

After the interviews were done, then I had to edit the videos down, post them to all our platforms, edit the episode King, BB, and I recorded Friday night, get it sent to BB for his witty show description, and then start promoting it. So it was alot of work, plus wanting to spend time with my family, by going to the local MONSTER JAM show. And trying to just take a day off to decompress and relax.

Now Onto the Future

So starting this weekend, I’m going to be full bore again, trying to record, edit, book guests, promote, produce content for the website, and of course spend time with my family.

We are in some negotiations for adding some more talent/shows to our little network. So that will of course help lighten the load some. But I am also grateful for my to cohorts BB and King for all the help, dedication, faith, and work that they also put into OUR little project. If we can just get King to write a post on here, that would be great…

It is truly amazing what 3 friends from little ole North Cackalacky can do when we put our minds to it.

Thanks to all the friends, fans, and family that has helped us and supported us on this little journey we’ve embarked on. Until next time remember to…