Hollywood Has Done It Again

HAHAHA Yeah Right!!! So after 33 years on this planet, I’ve realized that Hollywood likes to go in cycles. In the last 20 years, its been:

1: Parody Movies (Scary Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…)

2: Remakes (Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elm St.)

3: TV Shows to Movies (Starsky and Hutch)

4: 80’s Cartoons to Movies (G.I. Joe, Transformers)

5: Superhero (Batman, Spiderman) This one I actually like.

And now what seems to be the newest trend.

Just watch the trailers below and see what you think it is.


Well, besides that they will probably suck, what did you notice. It looks like to me that Hollywood is going to start using the “Main Protagonist turns into a Bad Guy”.

Now I know this is nothing new. But Hollywood seems to overuse some elements in their movies. Hopefully I’m wrong, but if history is any indication this will be just the beginning.

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